Remy Hair Extensions Tape Ins


Is your hair thinning and you wonder if you can get any solution to fix this problem without further damaging it? Then Hair extensions is the answer!


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Why is Tape Hair Extensions exactly and why is it one of the best application for Hair Extensions

Hair extensions – once you try them you cannot live without them! The added volume and chemical free color options gives you an undeniable confidence. It’s like mascara-extensions which enhance your beauty and make you look and feel better.

There are so many types of hair extensions and adding in extra hair is so easy. However, we prefer to work along side two of the most popular methods, which is Tape In and Microbeads.

We agree the best one and most efective one is the Tape In Hair Extensions and it is most requested in hair salons worldwide. Tape in extensions are the easiest hair extension method to maintain due to their thin construction and 1.5 inch width. It is the easiest hair extension to maintain. Most actually forget that they are wearing tape in extensions because they are just that easy to maintain. You tape it and forget it, until about 10-12 weeks when its time to move them up. The Better the Hair quality the longer they last wihtin your hair.



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