Lipsense Lipstick By SeneGence

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LipSense® is a Patented and Unique Formula of liquid lip colour that is “permanent for the day”, kiss-proof, & water-proof. LipSense is unlike anything else you’ve tried. It is NOT a lip stain…it works because of “molecular bond” technology. The Patent is actually “locked up” at Fort Knox!  LipSense will not feather, fade or bleed, it won’t crumble and it provides a 100% mechanical shield to protect your lips from the wind, sun, bacteria, free radicals and pollution.

Smooth, soft, kissable lips

LipSense® will not dry out your lips when used with one of our companion Shea butter & Vitamin E moisturizing glosses. The LipSense Moisturizing Gloss is what “cures” the liquid lip colour and deposits moisture into the lips. LipSense itself has no moisture value, so if you use it by itself, your lips will feel dry. The LipSense gloss, is what gives the moisture to the lips. It is a system that works together to give you what you want….” Long lasting lipstick that stays on all day and doesn’t dry your lips!”. LipSense Glosses have NO mineral oil, petroleum or artificial chemical wax. Main ingredients of LipSense Gloss is Shea Butter & Bee’s Wax. NO more Dry lips, and lipstick that stays on!

All of the other so called “all day lipstick” that is on the market tried to copy the SeneGence LipSense Patent but they tried to keep the price down to sell in K-Mart, Wal-Mart etc. so the first thing they did of course is to put cheap ingredients in the product to keep the cost down…. That is NOT what SeneGence does with LipSense! LipSense is made with the highest integrity of ingredients from around the world! True, natural pigments, natural Botanical s, raw Shea Butter, and Bee’s Wax. LipSense is a Professional grade of lip colour that is worth every penny! LipSense is Pharmaceutical grade makeup and is formulated in only 1 of 6 pharmaceutical grade cosmetic manufacturing plants in the United States.

Rest assured LipSense is not tested on animals and is here to offer you a great look and feel to your lips like no other.

Enjoy the vibrant colour and soft feel of Lipsense by SeneGence and place your order with Margheritta’s Beauty Spot today, delivering anywhere in Australia. Buy your favourite colour or two and enhance the look of your lips today!

When ordering please pick your favourite colour or look at our colour chart and leave a note in your order.

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How do you apply your LipSense products

How do you apply your LipSense products

LipSense Liquid Lip colour must be applied to clean dry lips. For a more defined finished look we suggest lining your lips using one of our beautiful shades of LinerSense . Designed to blend a compliment all the LipSense hues, LinerSense must be shaken prior to application.

  1. Begin application to the outer corner of your lower lip moving the colour in the same direction. Repeat this process for the upper lip. LipSense liquid lip colour must be shaken prior to application.
  2. Begin application at the corner of your mouth using the longest length of the applicator. Be sure to keep your lips apart while applying LipSense and resist the urge to press your lips together. Simply follow the natural shape of your lips.
  3. LipSense is applied by using a layering technique. Three layers is the recommended amount for maximum staying power. Let each layer set for a few seconds before proceeding to the next. Try a Lipsense Highlighter or Shimmer as that third layer of colour.
  4. You can create your own custom shades by layering a combination of different colours. Generously apply one of the moisturising glosses. Once you apply the Moisturising Gloss any tacky or tingling feeling with subside immediately.
  5. After applying the Gloss press your lips together and enjoy the generous look and feel of this long lasting advanced colour technology.