Eyelash Extensions

Have you been paying too much for your Eyelash Extensions?

You may think from our prices that offer an inferior service, on the contrary, our quality and service is exceptional!

Our customers keep coming back again and again!

We Have All Different Sizes, Thickness, and Styles of Mink Lashes, ALL AUSTRALIAN MADE Guaranteed.

Please see our Price list page for a full list of prices but a full Set of Eyelashes, are $80

REFILLS Are 2-3 Weeks $50
*if More then 2-3 weeks or You have Lost more then a normal refill amount of lashes, you will be charged more $70 ( Please see Photos and Blogs for example cases)


If you are wanting your eyelashes removed, due to giving your natural eyelashes a rest, or you have previous Eyelash extensions from another Beautician there will be a fee of $30

We Offer Colored Mink Lashes, PINK, BLUE, GREEN, RED, BROWN, BLACK

Full set of Eyelashes in Mink Colours are also $80

We Offer, Glitter…Yes New Glitter Mink Lashes to add that little bit of Bling to your Eyes
For GLITTER Eyelash Extensions, we charge extra, $80

Eyelash Extensions with Diamantes,

Yes DIAMANTE a few on each eye lashes below the eyelid absolutely stunning, really amazing look

Please see home screen pictures.

Extra Fee of $1 per Diamante

Christian Semi Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

Amazing Organic Products, which is water proof, you can go swimming, have a shower..is only removed with Make up remover.

Complete compact, (Includes, 3 Shaping templates, 2 sided brush and your matching colored eyebrow makeup )
$45 (Retails for $49.95)

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions

The Technique :
Russian Volume , is not one individual Eyelash Extensions, it is finer Eyelash Extensions in comparison to Classic Eyelash Extensions, with the width of 0.3 mm- 0.7 mm. We create a Fan, with 2 up to 5 Lashes and this is to create a more fuller softer, fuller look which are very light weight to one’s eyes. They are made with Cashmere Mink Eyelash Extensions, which originated from Canada, and very much increasing within Australia
Full Set $95
3-4 Week Refills 45 mins $70
Extra Refill, 1 Hr $80

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